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Ōyamazumi Shrine

A large Shintō shrine complex on Ōmishima with a huge collection of weapons and armour.

Ōyamazumi Shrine

Ōyamazumi Shrine is a large Shintō shrine complex on Ōmishima Island in the middle of the Seto Inland Sea. It’s been a centre of worship for soldiers and sailors from across Japan from ancient times. Befitting its status as a maritime shrine, the approach actually starts beside the sea in Miyaura port. From the main gate stretches a long sandy plaza lined with ancient camphor trees. A particularly large and aged tree stands in front of the main compound The deepest part of the shrine is an attractive colonnaded area with a large worship hall. You can go out through a side door and around the back to admire the red gables and cypress roof of the shrine proper. To the right of the shrine is the Treasure House containing a remarkable collection of armour and weapons.


Name in Japanese: 大山祇神社

Pronunciation: ō-yama-zumi jin-ja

Address: 3327 Miyaura Omishimacho, Imabari, Ehime 794-1304

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