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Shōbara is a city located in the Chugoku Mountains in the northeast corner of Hiroshima Prefecture. 


Shōbara is located in the Chugoku Mountains in the northeast corner of Hiroshima Prefecture. It’s best known for Taishaku Gorge which was once part of an underground cave system. In prehistoric times, uplift raised it to the surface of the earth and the roof collapsed into the river. Remnants of the roof remain in places as picturesque arches, most notably the Onbashi arch. Lake Shinryū is known for its spectacular autumn colours.

The Shōbara area is part of ancient Bingo Province. During the Edo Period, it was part of the holdings of Hiroshima Domain. The oldest extant document in Japan, the Kojiki, was compiled in 712 AD and described the history of the Japanese imperial family starting from the legendary era. In the Kojiki, there’s a description of Mt. Hiba, located in present-day Shōbara. The mountain is said to be the grave of the goddess Izanami. In legend, the goddess Izanami and her husband Izanagi, gave birth to the land of Japan.

Located far inland, Shōbara used to have little access to fresh fish except for long-lasting shark. This goes by the name of ‘crocodile’, which is eaten as sashimi or deep fried. 


Name in Japanese: 庄原


Address: Shobara, Hiroshima, Japan

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