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An island in the Seto Inland Sea with many contemporary art museums and installations.


Naoshima is an island in the inland sea between Kagawa and Okayama prefectures, known for its contemporary art museums and installations including works by celebrated artists and architects Yayoi Kusama, Andō Tadao, and Lee Ufan. Opinion is divided on the quality of the art. Whether you love it or hate it, it certainly contributes to the economic sustainability of the island. The red and yellow pumpkins, the Chichū Art Museum, the Benesse House museum, and the various preserved houses of the Ie Project are all on the art trail. Besides the art, Naoshima is a fairly typical Inland Sea island, with fishing and other industries, an aging population, and young people trying new things.


Name in Japanese: 直島

Pronunciation: nao-shima

Address: Naoshima, Kagawa District, Kagawa 761-3110 

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