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Hakuto Coast

The wild Hakuto Coast is famed as the setting for the legendary tale of “The White Rabbit of Inaba”.

Hakuto Coast

The wild and desolate Hakuto Coast lies to the west of the Tottori sand dunes. Apart from expansive views of the Sea of Japan, its main feature is Hakuto Shrine which celebrates the Hare of Inaba.   

The Hare of Inaba appears in the Kojiki, the oldest chronicle in Japan dating from the 8th century. A hare tricked some sharks into being used as a bridge to cross from an island to the mainland of Japan in Tottori, but the last shark bit a chunk of fur from the hare. At that time, the god Ōnamuchi was traveling to woo Princess Yakami of Inaba, and the hare asked him for help. Ōnamuchi gave advice that cured the hare’s wounds, whereupon the hare revealed its true form as a god, and informed Ōnamuchi that he would marry Princess Yakami. The benevolent Ōnamuchi is enshrined at the Izumo Shrine.


Name in Japanese: 白兎海岸

Pronunciation: haku-to kai-gan

Address: Tottori, Japan

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