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The largest city in Shikoku is a bustling place with a fine castle and lively culture. 


Matsuyama is the capital city of Ehime Prefecture and the largest city in Shikoku, known for its Edo-period castle and Dōgo Onsen hot spring. Below the castle stands a French-style château, the flamboyant Bansuisō Villa and a museum designed by the renowned architect Andō Tadao. Eight of the eighty-eight temples in the Shikoku Pilgrimage are located in Matsuyama, and pilgrims are a common sight making their way to the temples. Notable Shintō  shrines include Isaniwa Jinja and Tsubaki Jinja. Matsuyama is a compact city served by a tram system with beautiful tram cars from the 50s and 60s, and a picturesque replica steam train, the Botchan Ressha.  

Matsuyama was home to several celebrated cultural figures including haiku poet Masaoka Shiki, novelist Natsume Sōseki, and filmmaker Itami Jūzō.   

It’s a bustling city with excellent restaurants and bars, offering a choice of cuisines from around the world, in addition to regional specialities like boar and sea bream. 


Name in Japanese: 松山市

Pronunciation: matsu-yama

Address: Matsuyama, Ehime

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