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Okuizumo Tatara Sword Museum

The Okuizumo Tatara Sword Museum is devoted to the ancient and ongoing tradition of tatara iron and sword-making.

Okuizumo Tatara Sword Museum

A tatara is a traditional Japanese bellows furnace used for smelting iron and steel for use as swords and other high-value items. The museum features a full-sized replica of a tatara smelter and uses multimedia to introduce tamahagane, a material used for Japanese swords that can only be produced using the tatara technique. Swords made by swordsmiths in Okuizumo are also on display and demonstrations by local swordsmiths are held at the sword forge.


Name in Japanese: 奥出雲たたらと刀剣館

Pronunciation: oku-izu-mo tatara to tōken-kan

Address: 1380-1 Yokota, Okuizumo, Nita District, Shimane 699-1832

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